Happy National School Counselor Week!

Posted February 2, 2021

Learn all about the ICAP and Meet the North High School Counseling Team: 

Hi! My name is Melisa Springsteen and I support students’ last names A-C, grades 9-12th. I’m All In for my ICAP because it allows our students to explore careers, college, financial aid, and so much more. They are able to connect what they are learning in high school and beyond. 

Hi! My name is Jessica Rodriguez and I support students’ last names D-H, grades 9-12th. I’m All In for my ICAP  because it can give students the tools they need to explore careers, plan for post-secondary, and more!

Hi! My name is Francine Ruybal and I support students’ last names I-M, grades 9-12th. I’m All In for my ICAP  because it helps students explore and create a plan for their future!

Hi! My name is Kathy Hoffman and I support students’ last names N-R, grades 9-12th. I’m All In for my ICAP  because having a plan is important!  I enjoy helping students explore and find their passion, develop their knowledge/skills and make a plan for their future.

Hi! My name is Joanna Wood  and I support students’ last names S-Z, grades 9-12th. I’m All In for my ICAP because because thinking about the future and exploring different possible plans are crucial parts of the learning experience! 

ICAP- What is your plan? ICAP lessons are the basic foundation for students in learning and planning their career passions and opportunities and are now a part of graduation requirements. 

At North, we use ICAP lessons and videos to support our students during and after high school career/college exploration and planning. 

Check out our website for videos, lessons, and more

College & Career Planning at North – At North we are so lucky to work with some amazing community partners and people. Here are just a few people who support us in our building. 

Ms. Sierra, Denver Scholarship Foundation Lead Advisor 
zsierra@denverscholarship.org  or 720-423-2907
Supports with: I work with all seniors on creating a plan for life after high school. This may include helping students with college applications, scholarship applications, and financial aid planning.

Ms. Lopez, TRIO College Counselor
mlopez@denverscholarship.org or 720-423-2907. Supports with: TRIO support, career and college planning and so much more! 
Cristina Antillon, Gear Up Pre-Collegiate Advisor
Ana Areola, Gear Up Pre-Collegiate Advisor 
Cristina_Antillon@dpsk12.org or ana_arreola@dpsk12.org
Support with: Colorado GEAR UP Program services include one-on-one mentoring and advising, a college preparatory curriculum including financial literacy and financial aid, STEM programming, concurrent enrollment opportunities, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), rigorous coursework, tutoring, college visits, summer programs, individualized assistance with the college admission process, college transition programming, a Colorado GEAR UP Scholarship and intrusive advising and wrap-around support services for college students. 
Jesse Rula, Career & College Success Navigator
jesse_rula@dpsk12.org or 720-435-3911. Supports with: Internship and apprenticeships 

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