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Academics at North

North prides itself on ensuring every student is college and career ready upon graduation. We offer over 50 rigorous academic Advanced Placement, Honors and Concurrent Enrollment classes in core subjects, plus a multitude of elective courses in world languages, art, music, technology, drama, physical education, and more.

All students at North will take 4 years of math, 4 years of English/Literature, 3 years of science, 3 years of social studies, one additional year of science or social studies, two years of a foreign language and one year each of P.E. and Fine Art. We encourage you to view Courses Offered 2023-2024.

North High School’s Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and Concurrent Enrollment courses are a rigorous choice that strengthens students’ transcripts for college applications. Read about these course offerings at North High.

Students needing additional support in their literacy and math skills will take smaller, highly focused reading and/or math intervention classes in addition to their English and math courses. In addition, many of our classes have co-teachers providing extra support to students.

North’s incredibly extensive variety of electives ensure students will explore their passions beyond the four core subject areas. Read about elective course offerings at North High.

Academic Integrity

North High School expects all students to abide by ethical academic standards. Academic dishonesty—including plagiarism, cheating or copying the work of another, using technology for illicit purposes, or any unauthorized communication between students for the purpose of gaining advantage during an examination—is strictly prohibited. North’s Academic Integrity Policy covers all school-related tests, quizzes, reports, class assignments, and projects, both in and out of class. The purpose of North’s Academic Integrity Policy is to ensure students understand that the theft of another’s words, ideas, or intellectual property has real-world consequences, and to ensure students are held accountable for authentic production of academic work and intellectual integrity. Read North’s Academic Integrity Policy.

A Parent’s Guide to the Colorado Academic Standards

DPS has created parent resources to help your child master the Colorado Academic Standards to prepare for college and career success. Resources include Parent Guides to Student Learning at every grade level, technology and Special Education information, standards videos featuring teacher voices, and more. We encourage you to use these resources at home to engage with your child’s learning. For more information, and to download free parent resources, please visit standards.dpsk12.org.