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So you want to PERFORM? Join the Performing Arts Pathway

North High has a thriving drama program, the Black Masque Theatre. Classes available include: Drama 1, Drama 2, Drama 3/4 and Stagecraft.

Under the direction of Ms. Megen Gilman, North’s thespians mount several productions annually, usually a contemporary play in the fall, followed by both a musical and a Shakespeare play in the spring. 

  • Spring of 2017 was the highly-acclaimed production of In the Heights. Watch a video about the production. Nearly 2,000 community members attended four performances of In the Heights and the production received four nominations for the prestigious “Bobby G” Colorado High School Musical Theater award.
  • Spring of 2018 saw another outstanding production, Rock of Ages. Well over a thousand community members attended the three nights of shows. 
  • Spring of 2019 was an exciting production of Chicago.. The production received a prestigious “Bobby G” Colorado High School Musical Theater award nomination for “Outstanding Performance by a Chorus”. Well over a thousand community members attended the three nights of shows. 

Students participate annually in the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival as well as the two-day Thescon, produced by Colorado State Thespians. Over 3,600 of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico’s most dedicated high school theatre students in grades 9 to 12 attend the high school conference.

The Colorado State Thespians are affiliated with The International Thespian Society and the Educational Theatre Association. The International Thespian Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt honorary organization for middle and high school theatre students. The society is committed to the advancement of educational theatre, and to this end publishes Dramatics Magazine, sponsors Thespian Festivals and theatre workshops, produces educational materials, and provides college scholarship opportunities for students.

Fine Arts

So you want to MAKE ART? Join the Visual Arts Pathway

Please click here to experience: COVID-19: Through the Distorted-Looking Glass. An interactive art project created in October, 2020 by our fine arts and performing arts students.

Many incoming Vikings participate in the visual arts OR they may want to explore the visual arts for the first time. The Visual Arts Pathway gives students the ability to pursue visual arts opportunities while maintaining a strong focus on core academics. Emphasis is on furthering explorations in the study of personal expression and development of creative style.

The Visual Arts Pathway is staffed with experienced and subject-dedicated teachers who guide course offerings, pathway partnerships and opportunities. All North 9th graders rotate through the visual arts courses of Ceramics 1 and Drawing/Painting 1 for seven weeks each to get a taste of which pathway they might pursue in grades 10 through 12. Once selected, pathways are customized according to student preference.

An example Visual Arts Pathway schedule might be:

Year 1: Drawing/Painting 1, Ceramics 1, Art Craft 1 (a one semester exploratory course)

Year 2: Drawing/Painting 2, Ceramics 2

Year 3 & 4: AP Studio Art (Drawing, 2D or 3D). Students can take AP Studio Art more than once and submit multiple portfolios.

The Visual Arts Pathway is designed to give students the art foundation they will need at a post-secondary level including technical skills, art history and problem solving skills. Students participate in school and district art shows and develop the skills to critique and discuss their own artwork and the work of others as well as develop their means of visual communication.

For a list of Visual Arts courses and the course goals, to see student artwork and learn more about the teachers, please visit the Visual Arts websites:


So you like to be a LEADER? Join the JROTC Pathway

A cadet run program where students can learn valuable leadership skills, improve self confidence and self esteem through a dynamic set of active lessons and events in school and across the community.

Year 1: LET 1, Basic leadership,Foundations for Success,. Assistant Staff leadership opportunities.

Year 2: LET 2, Wellness, Fitness and 1st Aid, Geography/Earth Science, Citizenship. Assistant Staff leadership opportunities.

Year 3: LET 3, Leadership Application. Student leader and teacher opportunities, and Primary Staff leadership positions.

Year 4: LET 4, Advanced Leadership and Primary Staff position opportunities.


So you want to MAKE MUSIC? Join the Musical Arts Pathway

Visit the Music Department.

Please click here to experience: COVID-19: Through the Distorted-Looking Glass. An interactive art project created in October, 2020 by our fine arts and performing arts students.

Physical Education

So you like to be ACTIVE? Join the PE Pathway

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Physical Education and Health: Intro to PE and Health is a hybrid course for students who will become familiar with fundamentals of physical education and health. Students will participate and acquire the knowledge of key health concepts as well as lifetime and fitness-based activities. Skills and activities consist of, but are not limited to; physical health, social emotional health, peer pressure and substance abuse, youth sexual health, family systems, outdoor education, fitness concepts, individual and team activities, and rhythm.

Swim I: This course provides students the opportunity to develop swimming and basic rescue skills and techniques in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Non-swimmers will learn to feel safe and comfortable in the swimming pool.

Swim II: This course provides students the opportunity to develop swimming techniques and basic rescue skills in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Team Life I: This course engages students in activities that can provide a basis for successful and enjoyable participation in lifetime recreational and leisure activities such as tennis, badminton, pickle-ball, skateboarding, Frisbee golf, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and volleyball. Plus many more innovative lifetime activities. This class is intended for students who are interested in a traditional physical education curriculum.

Team Life II: Additional to Teamlife I: During this course students will engage and participate in lifetime activities which may include: team and individual sports, team building activities, fitness, proper nutrition and outdoor education.

Fitness I: This course is designed to engage students in learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students will engage in weight room physical activities that balance personal, physical, social and emotional wellness. This class uses Polar Heart Rate monitors to dive deep in physiological processes of the body and to help maintain a healthy heart! This class is for a non-traditional PE student who likes a more individualized classroom experience as opposed to team sports!

Fitness II: Additional to Fitness 1, this class takes personal fitness to another level! Students will begin to develop a portfolio of personal fitness activities and will begin to learn about a career in personal training. Students will develop, adapt, and teach a fitness program to teachers in the building!

World Languages

So you want to be MULTILINGUAL? Join the World Languages Pathway

The World Languages program at North is much more than foreign language. Art, music, food and travel are all part of this pathway, currently offered for Spanish, Chinese and French. Students can start a new language and expect to be college ready speakers at graduation, or build on their existing advanced and bilingual skills through literature, writing, and Advanced Placement courses (AP Spanish, Spanish Concurrent Enrollment and AP French).

Would you like to…?

  1. Try French cuisine
  2. Travel to Spanish speaking countries
  3. Get college credits to be a nurse or a translator
  4. Learn 200 words in Chinese to communicate!
  5. Learn about other countries
  6. Understand other cultures
  7. Communicate with your neighbor that speaks Spanish / French / Chinese
  8. Go to a restaurant and talk to the waiter in French / Chinese / Spanish
  9. Write a letter to my family that speaks Chinese / French / Spanish
  10. Participate in an International Fair
  11.  Celebrate the Hispanic Heritage

…then, you need to enroll in our program.

Whether your student has attended a dual language school or a traditional middle school North has language courses that will challenge your student!

Whether your student has attended a dual language school or a traditional middle school, North has language courses that will challenge your student!

World Languages Pathway