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Hello Mathematicians!

Not only is four years of math a graduation requirement for DPS, it helps build logic, critical thinking, collaboration, and career connections!

The Math Department is staffed with experienced and subject-dedicated teachers who support and push student thinking and learning, guide course offerings, and opportunities.

An example of a students’ math career at North might be:

Example 1: Math 1 → Math 2 → Math 3 → College Algebra

Example 2: Math 1 → Math 2 → Math 3 → AP Statistics

Example 3: Math 2 H → Math 3 H → Precalculus → Calculus

**After Math 3 students have a wide variety of options to choose from**

Meet the teachers at each level:

Math 1Math 2/2HMath 3/3HBeyond Math 3
Amanda Moss amanda_moss@dpsk12.netAlysia Ramos alysia_ramos@dpsk12.netAdeel Bhatti
Brian Adler
Levi Davidson
Savanna Sanders
Sara Moneypenny
Sara Moneypenny
Nicole Dvorak nicole_dvorak1@dpsk12.netMaria Del Real
Alicia Peterson
Alfred Wahabby
Fernando Sanchez fsanche@dpsk12.netFernando Sanchez
Andrea Sunday
Cristi Stankewicz
Andrea Sunday

Do you love learning about how the world works? Are you a self-identified nerd? Do you love hands-on learning and experiments? If so, the science department is the place for you!

The science program at North is about much more than just meeting graduation requirements. Science classes at North allow students to develop an understanding of the scientific concepts and principles that govern how the world around us works. Students start by developing an understanding of the life sciences by focusing on the biology concepts that govern how living organisms, like ourselves, function and maintain life, as well as how living organisms interact within complex ecosystems. These foundational understandings then allow students to further develop their understanding of scientific practices in higher level science courses. 

Choice is a foundation of the Science Pathway at North High School. After taking Biology in 9th Grade, students can select which Science course or courses they take in subsequent years. This allows students to pursue deeper understanding in the scientific fields that most apply to them! 

North is proud to offer a variety of Science courses and electives. While the Science requirements for graduation within Denver Public Schools only require three years of science, many North students choose to take additional Science courses to further their knowledge in this exciting field!

North is proud to offer a Dual Language One-Way Program. In the future, one or more science classes will be available in Spanish! Please click for information: English Español

Course Descriptions can be found here

2023 – 2024 Science Staff Information

Senior Team Leads
Micaela Muñoz
Courses: Biology & Special Topics in Science 

Rebecca Stober 
Courses: Physics & Special Topics in Science
Biology Team

Rachel Flatau
Courses: Biology 
Katherine Knudtsen
Associate Teacher 
Courses: Biology

Kevin Lowe 
Courses: Biology, AP Environmental Sciences
Timothy Miller 
Courses: Biology
Chemistry Team

Parker Phillips 
Courses: Chemistry, Special Topics in Science

Jennifer Popham 
Courses: CE Chemistry

Marianne Thomason  
Courses: Chemistry, AP Environmental Sciences
Physics Team

Melissa Kovar 
Courses: Physics, AP Physics

Erika Schenck 
Courses: Physics, AP Biology

*Note: Principles of Biomedicine and Human Body Systems are taught by Melissa Brace (  in the CTE department.

Social Studies

Course List and Descriptions

Senior Team Leads

  • Eric Muñoz – Eric_Muñ
  • Caitlin Ross –

Teaching Team

  • Tom Bergen –
  • Arriel Bustillos –
  • Liz Campbell –
  • Alfredo Calvo –
  • Carla Cariño – 
  • Abby Hoffman –
  • Hilary Mangiagli –
  • Erin Murphy –
  • Sean Krush –

Student Teachers


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CareerConnect and CTE (Career and Technical Education)

Explore our programs at the CareerConnect Website.


North High has a thriving, inclusive drama program, the Black Masque Theatre. Classes available include: Drama I – IV and Stagecraft and Production.

Under the direction of Ms. Megen Gilman, North’s thespians and behind-the-scenes Stagecraft students mount several productions annually, usually a contemporary, straight play in the fall, followed by both a musical and Shakespeare scenes or a complete play in the spring. 

  • Spring of 2019 was an exciting production of Chicago. The production received a prestigious “Bobby G” Colorado High School Musical Theater award nomination for “Outstanding Performance by a Chorus”. Well over a thousand community members attended the three nights of shows. 
  • While the Spring 2020 production was cancelled due to the pandemic, the theater program mounted an outstanding production of Working in Spring of 2021 to a virtual, online audience
  • Our Spring 2022 production was an incredible staging of Mamma Mia. North’s auditorium and even lobby was turned into a fabulous 70s disco for the heartwarming production. Nearly 1,500 community members attended the three nights of shows.
  • Fall 2022, Black Masque Theatre put on Dracula: Mina’s Quest, featuring the new artistic imagination of Tim Boyles, North High’s Stagecraft teacher. 
  • In Spring of 2023, the Black Masque Theatre produced Legally Blonde. This very pink crowd-pleaser played to three sold-out nights for a total of over 2,000 community members.

Students participate annually in the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival as well as the two-day Thescon, produced by Colorado State Thespians. Over 3,600 of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico’s most dedicated high school theatre students in grades 9 to 12 attend the high school conference.

Fine Arts

Many incoming Vikings participate in the visual arts OR they may want to explore the visual arts for the first time. The Fine Arts offerings at North gives students the ability to pursue fine arts opportunities while maintaining a strong focus on core academics. Emphasis is on furthering explorations in the study of personal expression and development of creative style.

North’s Fine Arts department is staffed with experienced and subject-dedicated teachers who guide course offerings, pathway partnerships and opportunities. Once selected, pathways are customized according to student preference.

An example Fine Arts schedule might be:

Year 1: Drawing/Painting 1, Ceramics 1, Art Craft 1 (a one semester exploratory course)

Year 2: Drawing/Painting 2, Ceramics 2

Year 3 & 4: AP Art and Design (Drawing, 2D or 3D). Students can take AP Art and Design more than once and submit multiple portfolios for college credit (based on score).

Fine Arts offerings are designed to give students the art foundation they will need at a post-secondary level including technical skills, art history and problem solving skills. Students participate in school and district art shows and develop the skills to critique and discuss their own artwork and the work of others as well as develop their means of visual communication.


So you like to be a LEADER? Join the JROTC Pathway

A cadet run program where students can learn valuable leadership skills, improve self confidence and self esteem through a dynamic set of active lessons and events in school and across the community.

Year 1: LET 1, Basic leadership,Foundations for Success,. Assistant Staff leadership opportunities.

Year 2: LET 2, Wellness, Fitness and 1st Aid, Geography/Earth Science, Citizenship. Assistant Staff leadership opportunities.

Year 3: LET 3, Leadership Application. Student leader and teacher opportunities, and Primary Staff leadership positions.

Year 4: LET 4, Advanced Leadership and Primary Staff position opportunities.


Participating in the performing arts will be the highlight of your high school career. Meet your best new friend on the theatre stage, perform and even travel in an ensemble like jazz band or choir, or express yourself by creating your own song in the audio lab. At North, we deeply believe that providing a safe space for students to create, express and grow their true selves is a crucial part of their education.

Be a part of something that is bigger than yourself and witness your progress; be better than you were yesterday. Create an impact in our school and local community by showcasing talents that maybe you never knew you had. With options for both performance or non-performance classes, our department has a place for YOU!

Physical Education

So you like to be ACTIVE? Join a PE and/or Health Class at North!

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Physical Education and Health: Intro to PE and Health is a hybrid course for students who will become familiar with fundamentals of physical education and health. Students will participate and acquire the knowledge of key health concepts as well as lifetime and fitness-based activities. Skills and activities consist of, but are not limited to; physical health, social emotional health, peer pressure and substance abuse, youth sexual health, family systems, outdoor education, fitness concepts, individual and team activities, and rhythm.

Swim I: This course provides students the opportunity to develop swimming and basic rescue skills and techniques in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Non-swimmers will learn to feel safe and comfortable in the swimming pool.

Swim II: This course provides students the opportunity to develop swimming techniques and basic rescue skills in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Team Life I: This course engages students in activities that can provide a basis for successful and enjoyable participation in lifetime recreational and leisure activities such as tennis, badminton, pickle-ball, skateboarding, Frisbee golf, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and volleyball. Plus many more innovative lifetime activities. This class is intended for students who are interested in a traditional physical education curriculum.

Team Life II: Additional to Teamlife I: During this course students will engage and participate in lifetime activities which may include: team and individual sports, team building activities, fitness, proper nutrition and outdoor education.

Fitness I: This course is designed to engage students in learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students will engage in weight room physical activities that balance personal, physical, social and emotional wellness. This class uses Polar Heart Rate monitors to dive deep in physiological processes of the body and to help maintain a healthy heart! This class is for a non-traditional PE student who likes a more individualized classroom experience as opposed to team sports!

Fitness II: Additional to Fitness 1, this class takes personal fitness to another level! Students will begin to develop a portfolio of personal fitness activities and will begin to learn about a career in personal training. Students will develop, adapt, and teach a fitness program to teachers in the building!

World Languages

The World Languages program at North is much more than world languages. Art, music, food and travel are all part of this pathway, currently offered in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Lakota. Students can start a new language and expect to be college ready speakers at graduation, or build on their existing advanced and bilingual skills through literature, writing, and Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Whether your student has grown up speaking a world language at home, attended a dual language school or a traditional middle school, North offers language courses that will challenge your student!

North is proud to offer a Dual Language One-Way Program to our World Language students. Please click for information: English Español