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North High School is a comprehensive, traditional neighborhood high school located in Northwest Denver committed to ensuring all students are college and career ready. North has 1,550 main campus (9th-12th grade) students in 2023-24, and offers small school supports and personal attention with all of the opportunities of a traditional, comprehensive high school.

North High ensures the post-secondary academic and personal success of our diverse community of learners through the use of data-informed, differentiated supports.  We celebrate and leverage the assets of our rich legacy and culture of Viking Pride to create a climate of high expectations and mutual respect.

Founded in 1883, North abounds in tradition and boasts a long history of graduates who have gone on to become leaders in our community and beyond. Our state-of-the-art campus underwent a $35 million renovation completed in 2011 and our Gymnasium wing saw $2.5 million in renovations in 2019. Our 1911 building is the historic centerpiece of Northwest Denver. Click here for a flyover tour of our campus.

North offers diverse electives, a robust concurrent enrollment program and over 50 rigorous Honors, Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment classes. Elective include musical arts, world languages, drama, physical education, visual arts, digital media arts, JROTC leadership training and career and technical education options at CEC Middle College. Most importantly, our outstanding, caring, passionate teachers work with our students in our classrooms every day. North has a thriving arts scene. We offer 29 different arts classes including drama, fine art, instrumental music, choir, and audio production. We encourage you to view NHS Courses Offered 2023-2024 for a complete list of our course offerings.

North offers 24 competitive athletic teams and two club sports in 2022-23, Nearly half of all students participate in at least one sport. Viking athletes consistently compete in and win league and state championships and are known for high levels of sportsmanship. North Army JROTC is an extremely strong program. Student leadership opportunities abound and high quality extracurriculars and clubs offer additional ways for students to get involved.

Our 4-year on time graduation rate in 2022 was 91.7%, This was third in DPS among all comprehensive high schools. Only East and Northfield (non-Title I schools) had higher graduation rates than North. Our Class of 2022 earned over $12M in scholarship awards and was accepted to colleges and universities around the world, including:

Why should my child attend North High School?

North High School prepares students for post-secondary success. It is our mission to ensure every child in our building is college and career ready and will flourish in a 21st Century workforce. We offer a small school environment with large school facilities, offerings and an outstanding faculty and administration team.

Read some of the reasons our students and their families choose North:

“North gives me a place to be myself. I am challenged to be my best self and given infinite opportunities to grow. I can always count on North teachers and staff to empower me and give me what I need to succeed.”

Ada, Class of 2022

“North has all of the offerings of a big high school without compromising the sense of community that small high schools have. It’s the best of both worlds!”

Rico, Class of 2021

“North is an amazing place to be. I have been to three different high schools and by a landslide North is my favorite. I have never been at a place where diversity is so accepted and appreciated and the people here will go out of their way to help you. Homecoming week is the best week of the year and everyone is so happy. Biggest advice? Get involved. I play volleyball and I love it but anything you can do to get yourself involved is so important. North High is the place to be!”

Maggie, Class of 2021

“What I like about North is all the amazing opportunities and all the supports that it provides. They have amazing classes, all the events North has are always so fun, especially Homecoming.”

Elisa, Class of 2022

“The beautiful thing about North High school is that it will always be what you want it be: a team, a stepping stone to college, a friend, a family, a home, or all of the above.”

Evan, Class of 2020

“I like that when ever you need support North goes above and beyond to help you. Any staff in the building you can go to if you’re falling behind on grades or need something personal. I enjoy all the opportunities they provide, to help you reach your goals during high school and after high school.”

Alani, Class of 2021

“North is a crazy place, but crazy in a good way. People you never thought could come together come together and it’s really beautiful to see. We have an amazing community which is something that’s hard to find.”

Ayla, Class of 2020

“North offers so many different classes and extracurricular activities that help you to push yourself in a variety of ways and build strong bonds with the people you meet.”

Madison, Class of 2021

“North never gives up on its students. It pushes us all to do our very best, teaches us to believe in ourselves, and loves us all for who we are.”

Priscilla, Class of 2022
What do academics look like at North?

At North High School, our teachers are organized on teams that share a group of students, enabling them to collaborate more effectively on student needs. Before a new 9th grader enters our door, our freshmen team teachers and counselors have reviewed student data and developed an individualized academic plan for each student so that they can reach their full potential. This model is adapted for all grade level teams to ensure students are continually challenged and pushing themselves toward college and career readiness.

Instruction time at North High School emphasizes a structure where students are expanding their learning in core subjects. A longer school day (8:25 a.m. to 3:26 p.m.) provides increased class time and the opportunity for our students to take seven classes daily typically including the four core subjects of math, English, social studies and science and three electives. All students who are not yet proficient in reading and/or math take an additional reading or math intervention class. Click to view 2022-2023 Courses Offered.

North’s student to teacher ratio across all core subject classes is 20:1. The average core class size is 24. 

North’s school culture values rigorous academics, diversity, equity, and inclusion and North teachers are deeply committed to these values. We regularly engage in brave dialogue on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and other dimensions of culture. This leads to the development of a welcoming environment for students and families from diverse backgrounds.

North is the only DPS high school designated as a “DPS Teacher Academy”, proof of the strength and high quality of instruction provided to our students. 14 student teachers are full-time in many core subject classrooms working with students alongside master teachers. North has a staff retention rate of over 90% for the past three years, far outpacing the DPS average.

North teachers post grades online at least weekly. Students and their parents/guardians are able to view grades 0nline through Schoology real time.

Our students’ results speak for themselves. Students’ AP scores are climbing at a rapid rate. In May 2022, 471 North High School students completed AP tests. 771 tests were taken in 19 subject areas. forty seven percent of AP test takers at North High School earned a score of 3 or higher. The total number of AP exams taken has nearly doubled in the past few years, from 415 in 2019 to 771 in 2022.

Does North provide students with the opportunity to take Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes?

North provides a wide array of Honors, Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students who want to delve deeper into content. Students can take AP courses like: Computer Science, English Literature, Spanish Lang, Spanish Lit, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, US History, Human Geography, Calculus, Psychology, American Literature, Studio Art and many others. Students in AP classes take an exam in May and, based on their scores, are eligible for college credit.

North High School partners with the University of Colorado at Denver (CU Succeeds), Metro State University and Community College of Denver via concurrent enrollment to provide college level classes on the North High campus. Students in their sophomore, junior and senior year can currently take the courses below at North taught by college professors. Course tuition is paid for by Denver Public Schools. Courses include college-level classes like: Sociology, English Composition I and II, College Algebra and Trigonometry, Women in US History, Intro to Computer Graphics and many others. Please click here for more information on our course offerings at North.

Does North provide a safe, comfortable learning environment for all students?

Learning Communities (LCs) are key to the close-knit, family culture at North. Students meet with their small Learning Community class and teacher weekly for 50 minutes. Learning Community teachers focus on establishing close relationships with their students and getting to know their students’ families as well. Lessons are delivered in during LC, including SAT test prep lessons and others. Friendly competitions between LCs happen during LC Cup competitions for trophies and bragging rights.

The Deans’ Office and Restorative Justice Coordinators at North is an integral part of our school community. Our Student Support Team comes with 30+ years of combined experience in education. Our Student Support Team includes Dean Marisa Lucio and several Restorative Justice Coordinators.

The Student Support Team’s philosophy is based on Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice is grounded in the guiding principle that everyone has a voice in any situation of wrong doing. Restorative Practice supports thriving relationships, student voice and accountability among students, their peers, and educators. While there are often consequences for wrong doing, reparation of harm is used in place of suspension as often as circumstances allow. The Deans, Restorative Justice Coordinators and North High’s larger Student Support Team recognize the value in finding the root cause for behaviors and will work with your family on identifying resources that may be of assistance if your child struggles with his or her behavior and/or attendance.

What opportunities does North provide to support all students’ needs?

North High School prides itself on its ability to meet the individual needs of each student. There are programs at every level of student learning.

  • Reading Intervention, Math Intervention and ELA resources
  • Center programs for mild, moderate, multi-intensive and affective needs
  • Learning Communities provide academic support and college readiness curriculum
  • Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and Concurrent Enrollment options

North also provides a wide array of wrap-around services for additional student support.

  • City Year – City Year partners with the freshmen team providing in classroom and targeted after school intervention to promote high academic achievement
  • North’s Counseling Department provides highly individualized course selection assistance and targeted services for students and their families helping with the college selection, college application and financial aid processes.
  • North’s Student Support team provides assistance and services to students and their families who may be struggling with emotional and/or attendance issues.
  • ROW – Teachers led after school instructional support and office hours.
  • Other academic supports: CityYear after school help , Math Lab, YESS Mentoring, Colorado Youth for a Change, athletic tutoring, Colorado I Have a Dream and Colorado Uplift.
How do I know my child is receiving a well-rounded education?

At North High School we encourage students to explore their passions outside of the four core subject areas. North offers a wealth of electives, from Drama and Stagecraft to Honor Choir and AP Studio Art. Elective Pathways allow students to develop a depth of knowledge in their interest area over time. Elective Pathways include: musical arts, world languages, drama, physical education, visual arts, digital media arts, JROTC leadership training and career and technical education options. Below is a typical course selection for a students four years at North.

Pathways example
Athletics and activities are very important to my student. What does North offer?

North has an exceptionally strong athletic program and offers teams for all student levels of ability. North also has an impressive history with several of its teams that can been seen from the variety of banners hanging in the Gymnasium. Most recently, Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys Baseball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, and Boys Basketball have earned invitations to CHSAA League and State Playoffs and CHSAA State Tournaments in their respective divisions during the the past several years. Our athletic programs are making accelerated growth and we anticipate that all of our scholar-athletes and teams will continue to compete and challenge themselves and each other, on a daily basis with the highest level of sportsmanship,

  • In 2022, North High had the largest signing class of student athletes in well over 10 years. Students signed to play at the next level in volleyball, boys soccer, cheer, softball, girls swimming, baseball and football.
  • Three of our coaches received DPS Coach of the Year honor in 2021-2022.
  • 2021-22 showed the highest levels of student athlete participation in years. 321 student athletes participated in fall sports; 161 in winter sports; 336 in spring sports.

Athletics offered at North:

  • Fall sports: Girls Volleyball, Football, Boys Soccer, Cross Country, Softball, Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, and Ultimate Frisbee
  • Winter Sports: Wrestling, Girls Swimming and Diving, Boys Basketball, and Girls Basketball
  • Spring Sports: Boys Baseball, Girls Soccer, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Track and Field, Boys Swimming and Diving, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse and Rugby
  • Year Round: Cheerleading

North’s Black Masque Theatre is a thriving program which puts on outstanding productions throughout the school year. Our Spring 2022 musical was “Mamma Mia” and the Fall 2022 production was the chilling “Dracula: Mina’s Quest”. Both productions enjoyed 3 nights of sold out performances and incredible reviews. Coming April, 2023 – “Legally Blonde”!!!

North’s JROTC program is one of the strongest in the state. In 2021-22, the program won the following awards:

  • Denver Academic Team Award 
  • 2nd Place Raider Team. National JROTC Fitness, Daytona FL 
  • JROTC Color Guard earned 6th in the State of Colorado and 12th place nationally
  • 4th Place CyberPatriot, State of Colorado 
  • JROTC Male Raiders and Female Raiders teams earned the 2021-2022 Denver City Championship. 1st place overall team at the Loveland Raiders Challenge. 2nd place overall in Pueblo County. 2nd place in the National Championship in Daytona Beach.
  • 1st Place Centennial League Precision Marksmanship Team 
  • 6th Place Western Region CMP Precision Marksmanship Team, Sandy UT

Faculty and staff at North High School host an array of clubs and activities for students. In the past several years, North has added Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee due to student-led interest. Click here for a list of clubs offered in 2022-23.

Can my student get college credit while they are attending North High?

Under the provisions of the Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act, college-ready sophomores, juniors and seniors may take courses through post-secondary institutions and apply credit earned toward high school graduation as well as receive college credit.

Denver Public Schools will pay the tuition for up to two courses per academic term. Costs for books, fees, and transportation will not be paid. If a student fails the course(s), he or she or his or her parent/guardian will be required to reimburse the district for the cost of tuition.

The ASCENT/College First Program allows students who meet the specifications to take a full year of tuition-free college credit the year following their senior high school year. Students must submit an Intent to Participate application to their counselor during registration of their senior year and have completed 12 college credit hours by the end of their senior year. Approved students can remain enrolled in high school their 5th year, but attend full time at the college.