Future Vikings

8th Grade Families: Learn More About North

North High offers several ways to learn more about the incredible things happening at North and why North is a great fit for your 8th grade student. Please see below for info on Daytime Tours and upcoming Information Nights.

Daytime Tours

Regularly scheduled daytime tours/classroom visits wrapped up on February 12, 2024 with the SchoolChoice Round 1 deadline. If you plan to complete the SchoolChoice Round 2 application for a spot at North, or are considering transferring to North High, we would be happy to schedule a tour.

Please contact Rebecca Caldwell, North High Marketing & Communications, at rebecca_caldwell@dpsk12.net or 720-424-1495 to schedule a tour.

Info Nights

North High Prospective Family Information Nights

2023-24 Info Nights are scheduled for: Wednesday, November 15, 2023 and Tuesday, January 30, 2024 both from 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Prospective Family Information Night is a great time to learn all about why North High is the right school for your student. Families will have an opportunity to learn more about North High School, meet Principal German Echevarría and other members of our admin team, teachers, coaches and current students and parents. School tours will also be offered. All prospective families are encouraged to attend. No RSVP necessary. We look forward to meeting you!

Noches de información familiar prospectiva de North High

Las Info Nights 2022-23 están programadas para el miércoles 15 de noviembre de 2023 y el martes 30 de enero de 2024, ambos de 6:30 p. m. a 8:00 p. m.

Las familias tendrán la oportunidad de aprender más acerca de la Escuela Preparatoria North, conocer a nuestro director y otros miembros de nuestro equipo de administración, profesores y estudiantes. También se ofrecerá una visita guiada en nuestra escuela. iSe anima a todos las posibles familias a asistir! No es necesario reservar.

DPS SchoolChoice

DPS believes that all students should have the same access to quality schools, regardless of their background or where they live in Denver. Every DPS student is guaranteed enrollment in their neighborhood school.

DPS SchoolChoice Round 2 Information

Families who participated in Round 1 will be notified of their matches in late March. 

Applications for Round 2 will open on April 10, 2024 at 10 a.m.

Round 2 is for families who: 

  • Missed the Round 1 window and would like to change their student’s school.
  • Have changed their minds since submitting a Round 1 application. If you are happy with your school placement following Round 1, you do not need to take part in Round 2.
  • Are new to DPS for the 2024-25 school year.

There is no lottery in Round 2, but priorities are given. Round 2 applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, within school priority groups.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact Enrollment Services by calling the Choice Hotline at 720-423-3493 (hotline operating hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday) or email schoolchoice@dpsk12.org.

Any student who wants or needs to attend a school other than their neighborhood school may take part in SchoolChoice. Families submit one SchoolChoice application per student, on which they rank up to 12 school preferences. DPS then matches students to schools based on those preferences, as well as school admission priorities and available space. The SchoolChoice window for the following school year is typically mid January through mid February. Learn more about SchoolChoice Round 1.

All 8th-grade families wishing to attend North High for 9th grade, including those who live in the North High boundary, are asked to complete the SchoolChoice application during the SchoolChoice Round 1 window.

Para hablar en español por favor contacte a Graciela Guevara en Graciela_Guevara@dpsk12.org o al 720-423-2720.


Please visit the FAQ page.

What do North families have to say?

“We are so very grateful for North High School! Both of our kids had every opportunity they needed including both Special Education and Advanced Learning intervention. Arts (mostly theatre and music for our kids but we have heard the same about Visual) sports, AP, Concurrent Enrollment, Honors, Computer Science, STEM… North does it all and in an accessible way that allows newcomers and already skilled kids to thrive. Can’t write about this school without talking about the staff. First off; there are SO many adults in the building! Our kids and we are never without a human to go to to answer our question. In addition to the stellar Counseling Staff, The College and Career Readiness Center is full of folks with an open door to help kids and families navigate the “what comes next?” question while still helping kids focus on taking full advantage of high school. AND our kids get to walk to school! We see North kids and families all over the neighborhood. It’s a rare week when a neighbor doesn’t tell me they saw one of my boys walking to or from school. Being a North Family gives us that close-knit, embraced small town feel right here in our big city. We are so Proud to be Vikings!”

“The North teachers, staff and admin are so dedicated to our students. They love them and they love the whole community and it shows. They are able to meet the needs of an enormous variety of students, from AP and college level instruction, remedial support, sports, theater, the arts, as well as showing an appreciation for the incredible cultural diversity that the student body brings. It’s a privilege to be part of such a vibrant community with long standing traditions.”

“Our two sons had outstanding experiences at North High School. The school was the perfect size to find the clubs and activities that resonated with them. They were able to build supportive relationships through those activities, and they were able to challenge themselves with a wide variety of classes at levels that met their needs for each subject. They received excellent advisement and were well prepared for college. They had a 504 plan and an IEP and their support staff truly cared about them, their interests, and their futures. We loved the community at North and made lifelong friends as involved parents. Finally, the administration and staff worked hard to help all the kids through their toughest life experience, COVID-19. We will be forever grateful to North for preparing our boys for the world and giving us so many wonderful memories.”

“For middle school we chose a school across town, with a great reputation, and some of the highest test scores in DPS, for my son. He did great and enjoyed his 3 years of middle school. It was very difficult getting him back and forth to school each day, driving back across town in the evenings for school activities and events, and having to drive across town for him to hang out with classmates on the weekends. He had the choice to continue at the same school for high school or attend our neighborhood school, North. We visited North, and he decided, without a doubt, he wanted to attend North for high school.

We have been so happy with our/his decision! He is currently a sophomore and is thriving. He is taking all honors or AP classes and is involved in athletics. He has a great group of friends, that all live within walking or biking distance from our home. He is involved in our community and has done yard work, shoveling snow, dog walking, and volunteer work, all while maintaining high grades. North HS teaches our children to be involved, and to be future leaders. They prepare students for college and push them to be great community minded people. It is a very inclusive school that holds students to high standards.”

“We have a 9th and 11th grader at North. We have a huge extended family in the metro area. My nieces, nephews and friend’s children have attended public and private schools in the suburbs. My kids would tell you that their perspective on the world is definitely different from their cousins who live in the suburbs, and it’s in a great part due to where and with whom they spend their time.

I’m just blown away by the opportunities my kids have that I didn’t have at a small private school in the Midwest, both academically, and how North is committed to forming the whole child (teen). The commitment to equity is real as well.

Remote learning has enabled me to have a peek into their school day, and the actual content of what’s going on. The teaching has been incredible.”

“Lots of opportunities to engage with other families and staff. CSC, coffees with the principal, family events, art shows, theater performances, sporting events, etc. Wonderful and caring staff. Diverse class offerings including embedded honors classes to increase honors participation. AP and concurrent enrollment options. Something for everyone.”

“North is a fabulous school with dedicated, nurturing staff and a 24/7 principal. They have done an amazing job during COVID. The students are engaged, committed and future leaders. As a parent, I couldn’t be prouder of my 2 North High students and their peers. We are fortunate to be able to consider North our neighborhood school. Go Vikings!”

“My daughter is a junior at North and we have had an extremely positive experience. Our experience has been that the school is academically rigorous (my daughter is in several AP and honors classes this year). North is incredibly supportive of getting kids out of school with a plan for what comes next (college, training, career, military, etc.). They are very committed to diversity, inclusion, and having a strong school culture. I really can’t say enough good things.”

“We love North so far. Our daughter is a freshman and North has done an outstanding job welcoming in the new students. All positive. She is completely engaged, surprisingly – can’t believe how well North has pulled this off. The principal is great and, very happy with her education and teachers too.”

“First, I want to thank you and all the staff and teachers for how incredibly well the year is going so far. My son said “I think high school and I are going to be good friends.” ❤️ Amazing reaction for a freshman starting high school online in a pandemic – it’s 100% because of how much care you’ve all put into online learning.”

“Last year (2019), as 9th grade parents of our oldest, we were enamored with North!  At Back to School Night, we ate up your every word and loved the opportunity to be in the classrooms and meet the teachers.

This year (2020), as 10th grade parents, we are enamored with North!  At Back to School Night, we ate up your every word and loved the opportunity to meet the AMAZING teachers and hear some about their classes.  We can see the time it took for teachers to prepare their videos and “home page” and for you all to send us an individual email with the links! The time was appreciated! 

Our student is pretty independent, happily working away, so we don’t know a ton of details of the day to day, but it seems like high quality, engaging instruction and I have a sense of the effort it takes to translate their work to remote.  We appreciate all you all are doing for the kids! You have earned our trust over and over with your values driven, high quality work. Last night was a great example of you going above and beyond and we appreciate it!”

“I am so glad we (chose North)! I’m writing to let you know how comfortable I’ve felt in sending my freshman to North this year. These past weeks have exceeded my expectations and have been a source of non-anxiety.

Your transparency and willingness to listen to student and family voice has been stellar. I can tell that your team has put in a lot of work planning from all angles, addressing situations and issues before they come into play. This proactive planning also extends into proactive, succinct communication, which I really appreciate, having 3 kids in DPS schools (ES, MS, and HS levels).  You and your team have given just the right amount of information, between Remind, class-specific Schoology messages, full school Schoology messages, and the newsletter. I appreciate the balance between info directed towards the students and the parents; thank you for knowing we are two distinct audiences!

I have had nothing but great interactions with all of my freshman’s teachers and counselors. The Town Halls I’ve been on have been truly informative, and I commend your willingness to answer every question, from the most individual to those that apply to large groups. I also appreciate the challenges for all of us to put in personal work on antiracist practices and acknowledging indigenous land.”

“We have a daughter who is a 10th grader at North and we are super happy with it. She took 2 AP classes as a freshman and scored well on both her AP tests (not all Denver high schools allow Freshman to take AP classes). She has 2 AP classes now as a Sophomore as well. She has been challenged in her classes, enjoys her teachers and her classmates and the offerings of classes that they have at North. I love that she goes to school in our neighborhood (I appreciate that there is a village of people I know around and watching out for her – just like I would for my friends and neighbors). I would also give a huge shout out to the admin team at North. As a side note – I also appreciate the diversity of the school and feel that there is a lot of learning that takes place outside of the pages of a book that teaches you how to work with others who may have different backgrounds.”

“Our experience at North has surpassed all of our expectations and the best parts are the intangibles that make our neighborhood so wonderful. We feel like we’re part of a family.  In addition to AP tests being standardized nationwide, I am confident the A’s my son gets at North are the same as elsewhere and he is just as prepared as going to another DPS school because the finals are standardized across the district. His high GPA is the same one he’d have anywhere, and if it’s higher it’s because of the amazing support he receives. North students who take advantage of all the school has to offer are just as prepared for college. We may have a different proportion who are college bound, but there are career pathways for everyone and nearly all leave with a post-secondary option.”

“We have a senior and freshman at North and have had great experiences! There is friendship among the students. Amazing teachers that treat students as adults and the students are held accountable for their work. My son has taken AP and Concurrent Enrollment classes at the college level. There are classes for all levels – from struggling students to the most advanced students. My students have been able to be involved in so many wonderful programs – Marching Band, Jazz Band, Theater (Stagecraft). They have been involved with community projects, they have marched to support teachers and Black Lives Matter movement.”

“My boys are juniors at North. They love North and have thrived there. The school is big enough for them to find their passions and people, yet not get lost in the crowd. Teachers and staff have gone above and beyond for the students. The boys take AP and honors classes, support their peers at sporting events and have never felt unsafe, bullied or left out. Inclusion is key for us and it is there along with an amazing community of parents, alumni and neighbors.

Our kids have been through a traumatic time (pandemic) and behaviors have been affected. What matters is how we support these young people post-trauma and I see North doing everything in its power to help while communicating well with parents all along the way.”

“I can say that we’ve had many instances where we’ve reached out to North teachers and counselors for additional support with academics and other issues. I would be surprised if any other Denver school could match the effort, commitment, responsiveness, dedication, effectiveness of this NHS staff and surrounding community. They respond and resolve like right away. I couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful for the NHS staff for pretty much getting my kids through the pandemic and guiding them forward from here..”

“The North HS community is amazing and so special. We could not be happier with the administration, teachers, counselors and parents. We have a NHS sophomore daughter who is thriving, and a Skinner 8th grade son heading to North this fall. Completely impressed with this school for so many reasons – academics, sports, drama, choir. And love all of my kids’ school friends. Different kids have different needs – but take advantage of this great neighborhood high school if you can.”