School Policies

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Please review the North Student-Family Handbook for complete information on school policies, including policies on attendance, academics, safety and behavior, graduation requirements, athletics, parent responsibilities and much more. Please stop in to the main office to pick up a paper copy if needed.

North High School Student Code of Conduct

A school environment that is safe, conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption is essential to achieving the district’s mission and is the joint responsibility of students, staff, parents, and the community at North High School.

Denver Public Schools seeks to achieve self-discipline on the part of every student by communicating student conduct rules; teaching and reinforcing appropriate behavior, and holding students accountable for their actions. Our students are expected to demonstrate integrity in all aspects of their high school endeavors. Prevention will be emphasized and problems addressed immediately. A positive school climate is a necessary for learning. Discipline procedures shall afford due process, be consistently and equally applied, and help to create an atmosphere conducive to learning in school and in each classroom. All students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible young adults and be respectful of all persons and property.

Students at North High School must know and adhere to the following:
  • Hitting, shoving, name-calling, uncomplimentary or sexually inappropriate language or behaviors are not acceptable nor will they be tolerated. Taking other people’s things is not acceptable.
  • Take care of school property (desks, lockers, walls, bulletin boards, windows, halls, etc). Help keep the building and grounds clean and attractive.
  • Do assignments and homework. Students should have their planner at school EVERY DAY!
  • Bring supplies (planner, binders, books, paper, pens, pencils, etc.) to class daily. Magic markers containing permanent ink are not to be used in school.
  • Candy, gum, beverages, or any food will not be allowed outside the lunchroom during the school day.
  • All students must follow the dress code policy by wearing school appropriate clothing and their student ID. A student will need to contact a parent/guardian to bring the appropriate item if s/he arrives to school out of dress code. Loaner shirts are available – a fee is applied if the shirt is not returned to the Deans’ office.
  • Adhere to the Zero Drug and Zero Gang Tolerance Policy by not being under the influence, possessing or selling OR demonstrating any of the following gang-like behaviors: showing colors, intimidation, hand signs, posturing, nicknames, graffiti on notebooks, books, lockers, school building, etc.
Immediate Behavior Referral to Administrator/Advisor

Immediate referrals to the Assistant Principal and/or Attendance/Discipline Deans will be utilized for inappropriate behaviors not listed above, such as insubordination or disrespect for staff, violation of DPS Zero Tolerance for Gang Activity, drugs, profanity/obscenity directed at a person, bullying, sexual harassment, theft, weapons, fighting, etc.

After School Intervention (ASI)

The interventions above are designed to hold students accountable for minor and/or continuous behavioral or academic concerns that a student may display and which interfere with the positive functioning of our school. Students must attend any intervention on the day that it is assigned. Parents will be notified by phone or email message when an intervention is assigned. Parents/Guardians are responsible for keeping phone numbers current.

Office Hours are designed to assist students who have not completed class work or homework for whatever reason (i.e. absence, effort, etc.). If a student fails to complete their work in or out of class, a teacher may assign them to Office Hours. Office Hours are held after school on a day designated by the teacher.

Restorative Approach Process

Students who participate in negative behaviors that could or do negatively affect others will participate in the Restorative Approach process. This is a process of making amends for a wrong that has been done or preventing a wrong action. Restorative Approach is individualized based on the student, the situation, and those affected who are willing to participate. Participants in the process may include, but are not limited to, peers, teachers and other staff members, administrators, parents and community members.

Academic Integrity Policy

North High School expects all students to abide by ethical academic standards. Academic dishonesty—including plagiarism, cheating or copying the work of another, using technology for illicit purposes, or any unauthorized communication between students for the purpose of gaining advantage during an examination—is strictly prohibited. North’s Academic Integrity Policy covers all school-related essays,  tests, quizzes, reports, class assignments, and projects, both in and out of class. The purpose of North’s Academic Integrity Policy is to ensure students understand that the theft of another’s words, ideas, or intellectual property has real-world consequences, and to ensure students are held accountable for authentic production of academic work and intellectual integrity.

Regarding AI

To uphold academic integrity and promote originality, North High School strictly prohibits the use of AI-generated content for any assignment, project, or assessment. Students are expected to produce their own work, demonstrating critical thinking and creativity. The submission of AI-generated content as one’s own is considered plagiarism and will result in disciplinary actions according to the student handbook, including grade reduction or assignment nullification.

The determination that a student has engaged in academic dishonesty shall be based on specific evidence provided by the classroom teacher or other supervising professional employee, taking into consideration written materials, electronic footprint, observation, or information from others. Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty shall be subject to disciplinary and academic penalties.  

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